Renny is an innovative teacher of stage fighting. He has taught at manchester School of Acting (Manchester Metropolitan University) since 1992. With his own innovative style and techniques he has trained well over a thousand students as well as mentoring apprentices who wish to train as fight teachers and fight directors. Students trained by him have attained the highest qualifications possible with the British Academy of Dramatic Combat and the Academy of Performance Combat and have attained entry onto the Equity Register of Fight Directors.

His workshops are exciting experiences for all who take part benefiting from his skill with a host of weaponry and unarmed techniques.

Renny is also very active and passionate about teaching combat to students with special needs. he has successfully taught students who are blind and visually impaired, wheelchair bound, have cerebral palsy, all forms of learning disabilities including Downs Syndrome and Fragile X as well as those with limb deficiencies. All have been able tol enjoy and benefit hugely from his classes as his techniques serve all and can be adapted so as to be completely inclusive.

Renny imparts skills to equip the modern actor with techniques to enhance their performance on stage and on screen; giving them confidence to enter the profession and be undaunted by whatever exacting demands may be presented to them.

Fight master of stage combat at:
Manchester School of Acting (Manchester Metropolitan University) (1992 – current)
Dark Horse Theatre School, Huddersfield (2016-2019)
Buile Hill Visual Arts College, Salford in association with Greater Manchester Police (2015)
Arden School of Theatre, Manchester (1992 – 2003)
Liverpool Theatre School (2003)
Academia Contemporânea Do Espectáculo, Porto, Portugal (1995 – 1998)

Oxford, Mississippi 2004
Big Issue, Manchester 2006
St. Donat’s Castle, Atlantic College 2004,2005,2006, 2008
Hamburg 2011
Dark Horse, 2016, 2017, 2018
Many BADC and APC affiliated weekend and day long courses