Katie Crowder

Renny Krupinski
The Oldham Coliseum Theatre and Moxie Under Fire
The Oldham Coliseum Studio, Oldham
08 September 2015 to 12 September 2015

The Oldham Coliseum makes a welcome addition to the number of Manchester theatres with a Studio space in … Read more...

The Alphabet Girl

Edinburgh Festival 2015
London Theatre Guide
15th August 2015
The Alphabet Girl   Space on the Mile      ****

This monologue play by Renny Krupinski serves as an excellent showcase for actress Kaitlin Howard while offering a good share of character insights, … Read more...

The Alphabet Girl

Kaitlin Howard winner Best Fringe Performance at Manchester Theatre Awards 2015

Philip Larkin famously coined a phrase describing the way in which parents unintentionally warp the lives of their offspring. According to ‘The Alphabet Girl’, by Renny Krupinski, Larkin didn’t … Read more...

Who do you call?


The Scotsman
Who will ensure that the swordplay in your production of The Three Musketeers is authentic? There’s only one man to call

IT’S ONE thing the Traverse deciding to put on a non-festive family show at … Read more...


Already with a Fringe First 2010 under their belts, BareBack Theatre brings a grim, but realistic drama to the stage about low-lives, illegal fighting and greed. The strong cast is flawless, several performers portraying a number of different characters, always … Read more...


Having spent most of the festival enjoying Press, 2 for 1 and half-price tickets it was quite a rarity for this reviewer to pay full-price for a show. “Bare”, however, more than re-paid this investment.

The play started in …


Suite 101
Bare is Renny Krupinski’s uncompromising, gritty drama set in the north of England, following the fighting career of Rick “Skinner” as he delves deeper and deeper into the dark world of bare-knuckle fighting, working for the comically evil … Read more...


Bareback theatre
‘Bare’ depicts a criminal world fuelled by bloodlust and money – by raw, unbridled aggression and hefty wads of ill-gotten, gambled cash. The play introduces us to family man Rick whose brute strength attracts the shrewd business eye … Read more...


Broadway Baby
Bare – shocked, appalled, elated.

‘Bare’ is a visceral, compelling and engaging piece of theatre, filled with moments of breathtaking violence. It tells the story of Skinner, a man who is drawn into the world of bare-knuckle fighting, … Read more...


The List

Hard hitting drama

Gritty, violent theatre set in the world of bare-knuckle boxing from BareBack Theatre. The sharp writing and fantastically choreographed fight scenes wouldn’t have half the impact without the strong central performances, from writer/director Renny Krupinski … Read more...