Renny, known to millions for his portrayal of what some say is their favourite Brookside villain – Sizzler, has worked with some of the best companies throughout the Country. He was awarded the prestigious Best Supporting Actor Manchester Evening News Award for his performance as Wemmick in Greg Hersov’s Manchester Royal Exchange production of Great Expectations. He has played the ultimate demanding role of Salieri in Amadeus twice and has been cast as a host of Shakespearian characters from Banquo to Claudius, Capulet to Launcelot Gobbo. He was nominated as Best Actor at the Edinburgh Fringe by The Stage in 2010 for playing the gangland boss Arden in Bare.

He is incredibly versatile, concentrating on character roles and villains and is happy to undertake any interesting and challenging project.

Other skills
Renny has been a keen rider since he was a child. He rides bareback, jumps and can perform skills on horseback to a high standard. He is also able to gallop a camel, (having learnt whilst in Mongolia) having some time off from riding across the Gobi Desert single handed on horseback in 2005. His varied voice-over career has earned him recognition creating voices for “What The Papers Say”, World In Action documentaries, many radio adverts and as the voice and face of Oblivion at Alton Towers where he is affectionately known as the Lord of Darkness!

In addition to this he is a skilled martial artist in Iwama style Aikido and a qualified fencing coach. He also swims, drives and abseils to a good standard.