Renny Krupinski
is an actor of the highest calibre
with impressive credits in theatre, television, film and radio.

Renny Krupinski, designer, actor, writer, director, London, UK

Since his training at The Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, he is proud to say he has been able to earn his living and make a solid career from his childhood dream of being on stage.

His career has diversified with writing, directing and public speaking, all of which is detailed in this website.

For his stunt coordinating and teaching career, please click on this link to his other website where you will find specific credits and information.

UK fight director Renny Krupinski’s Fight Director website →

For all Renny’s latest acting, writing & directing credits please feel free to browse the pages within.

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or contact
Catherine Gross at Jane Hollowood Associates
0161 237 9141

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Renny Krupinski, fight arranger, fight choreographer, fight choreography, fight designer, actor, writer, director, London, UK.
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