Production Venue/company Director
MR. PASTRY NEVER SIGNS Currently in development
JUMP currently in development
Amanda - Finn and the Artful Dodger Currently in development for Diplomat Films
Someone Else’s Problem Thames The Bill John Bruce
A Bit Of Respect Thames The Bill Roger Gartland
Three In A Row Thames The Bill Ken Hannam
Telling Tales Thames The Bill Jo Shoop
Bare Currently in development for Diplomat Films
Over The Fence Thames The Bill Simon Meyers
Hitting The Nerve Thames The Bill Brian Farnham
"...the pace never flags. Crucially, though, it's emotion that really holds a complex and puzzling story together, largely thanks to the astonishing Kaitlin Howard, who totally owns a quicksilver role that may yet become a new definition for "challenging". The ensemble are excellent throughout, and I haven't even mentioned the sword-fighting, snakes, sex and nudity...! Catch it if you possibly can - it certainly deserves to live on in some form. Kevin Bourke, Manchester Theatre Awards, 5 stars "

D'Eon Hope Mill Theatre Manchester
Kevin Bourke, Manchester Theatre Awards

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